Modular wireless-control EV platforms

The TREXA modular vehicle platform defines simplicity; an engineered solution that optimizes vehicle chassis design for high performance, low cost, and flexibility of application engineering. TREXA reduces mobility to three fundamental subsystems, the Enertube®, the Smartdrive, and an adjustable suspension, enabling integration with a virtually limitless number of applications.

1. The Enertube.


​It all begins with energy: a durable, powerful lithium Enertube, as tough and interchangeable as the cartridge in your cordless power tool, but at 200 lbs. and 1,200 cold-cranking amps, holding enough energy to drive a car for 50 miles, and doubling as the main torsional structure in a subcompact-size vehicle chassis.

2. The First SmartDrive.


The 50 HP electric SmartDrive is a revolutionary patent-pending propulsion system that incorporates electric drive, electric steering, and electric friction braking into a single compact machine.

3. Another SmartDrive.


A second SmartDrive identical to the first completes the equation, providing a total of 100 electric horsepower, all wheel steering and braking, and more torque per wheel than a Ford F-150. Once an application is attached, the Enertube can be removed easily for maintenance or replacement.

4. The Suspension.


Each SmartDrive™ incorporates a proprietary interface enabling virtually any suspension to be attached, ranging from a high-performance fully independent suspension shown here to a travel-less configuration that can support thousands of pounds of payload.

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