Configurable for virtually any terrain


Configured with a four wheel independent suspension, the platform can be the basis for a road-going vehicle about the size of a subcompact car with a top speed of about 80 MPH.​



Replacing road wheels with rail wheels makes it a platform that can operate on low-rolling-resistance railroad tracks, for long-runtime rail service vehicles.​



A SmartDrive™ has factory-adjustable gear reductions from 7:1 to 18:1, to provide up to 1,500 lb-ft of torque at each axle. With all-terrain tires or tractor wheels, the TREXA® platform can push through virtually any terrain



With tracks and optional four wheel steer, a TREXA® platform can be configured to go practically anywhere on earth. And that's just the platform. With the TREXA® adaptive payload interface (API), applications can be attached to do things, see things or move things for every industry.

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