SmartDrive System




Height (without application)

Turning Radius (2-wheel steer)

Weight (without application)

96 inches

125 inches

60 inches

32 inches

12 ft

1,000 lbs.

Maximum speed

Maximum 0-60

Payload capacity

Runtime @ 5MPH

Unladen range @ any speed

Fastest recharge time

​​Enertube® capacity

Enertube® chemistry

Horsepower (dual drive)

Torque per axle (with 10:1 reduction)

Regenerative braking

80 MPH

4 sec

3,750 lbs.

6 hours

30 miles

30 minutes

7.2 kWh


100 HP

1,000 lb-ft



Enertube® Options: The Enertube length defines the wheelbase and the energy storage capacity. Enertube lengths range from 74 inches (7.2 kWh) (96-inch wheelbase) to 108+ inches (10.8 kWh) (132-inch wheelbase). Voltages available from 48V to 144V.


Suspension Options: The stock suspension is four-wheel double A-arm, 8" vertical travel, 56" track (to face of hub). Four wheel steer is available. Any suspension configuration can be attached to a SmartDrive.

SmartDrive Options: SmartDrive offers gear reduction options from 7:1 to 18:1, and the front and rear SmartDrives can have different reductions, enabling through-the-road "shifting" and a wide mechanical speed/torque range for specialized applications. The drive system is fully programmable.

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